Spirit of Hven Consultancy works with risk and security audits, tailor-made chemical process engineering, commissioning of new techniques and project assessment and leading. Projects involves all from key ready plants to part designs.

Spirit of Hven Consultancy launched a unique cooperation with one of Scotland´s most respected companies in the drink industry, Allen Associates. The objective is to give the drink producers a possibility to ensure their process and their products. All thru accredited analysis and guaranteed confidentiality.


By securing the manufacturing process many goals can be achieved: 

  • Better Yield, control of raw materials ensures processes
  • Security for personnel and customers, regarding handling of potentially dangerous substances, both in processes and ready product. (typically ATEX, Ethyl carbamate, Pesticides, Furfurals, Plasticisers etc.)
  • To make the best product possible with given economic framework. Right balance between acids, esters, aldehydes and alcohols for right Product.
  • Being able to deliver certificates on products to potential customers and for those countries that requires analytical certificates for approved export/import.

Allen Associates is the largest Scottish based Chemical and Process Engineering Design consultancy serving the Scotch Whisky and related industries. Working with everything from multi-national corporations to craft distillers all over the world. Projects involve all from key ready solutions to partial design studies.

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn AB, SE-26013 Sankt Ibb
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