Spirit of Hven Laboratory works in the chemical field of taste and scent. Frequently used to quality ensure and advise companies in the food and drink industry from all parts of the world. Most work is done with base in sustainable taste and scent.

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A selection of analyzes includes:
Raw materials/Malt analysis: Pesticides, Phenols, SO2, Ethyl carbamate, Humidity, EBC, PSY (predicted spirit yield), Nitrogen (Total, Soluble, Ratio), Friability, Viability, DP, Kolbach, Diastatic power, PDMS, NDMA, etc.
Fermented beer/wash/wine: Alcohols, SO2, Formaldehyde, Spirit indication, Original gravity, Final gravity, Residual gravity, Gravity lost, pH, Sugar analysis (varieties, residual sugar etc.), etc.
Wood, oak: Extraction analysis, Pesticides, Salts, Metals, Acids, Minerals, Aldehydes, Ketones, Esters, Sugar varieties, Terpenes, etc.
Spirit/Distillation, maturation analysis: Pot Ale, Spent Lees (residual alcohol, Nitrification preventatives, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, heavy metals, BOD, COD, DS, etc.). Raw spirit ( Phenols, NDMA, Ethyl carbamate, Esters, higher alcohols etc.), pH, different alcohols, Esters, Aldehydes, Ketones, Acids, (Total, Fixed, Volatile), pH, phthalates, Acetals, Plasticides, Phenols, Vanillin, Furfurals, Organoleptic aspects, metals (Lead, Zinc, Copper, etc.), SO2, etc.
Water: All aspects according to requests, amongst others, Metals, Chlorine, Salts, Minerals, TS, pH, Pesticides, Herbicide’s, microbiology, Legionella, etc.


Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn AB, SE-26013 Sankt Ibb
Phone +46 (0)418 449999 Contact form

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