Charlies Wagon Single Malt Whisky


Launch February 28, 2020!

Charlies Wagon is a real collector’s gem, a limited edition with a heart from all previous stars in the Sevens Stars series as well as Urania, Sankt Ibb and Sankt Claus. Charlies Wagon is all the knowledge, experience and wealth of taste and scent created at Spirit of Hven during the first ten magical years. To top it off, it also has a tablespoon of the whisky maturing in the very first cask ever filled at the distillery.

The name Charlies Wagon naturally alludes to the Big Dipper, the Swedish name for the asterism is “Karlavagnen” which translates to Charlies Wagon. It refers to the distillery’s young owner, he who filled the first cask at the inauguration May 7th 2008.

Limited edition, only 3012 bottles (2892x500ml & 120x100ml). 

Order the product sheet using the contact form or download here!

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn AB, SE-26013 Sankt Ibb
Phone +46 (0)418 449999 Contact form

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