Merak is the second whisky release in the “Seven Stars” series from Spirit of Hven. It is a medium smoky Single Malt Whisky, created from barley to bottle at the small family owned distillery situated on the island of Hven in between Denmark and Sweden. It is named after the star Merak in the asterism Ursa Major (Big Dipper, the Plough).

Merak is a white sub giant with three times the mass and radius of the sun, and 68 times the intensity. It is located 79 light - years from earth. The name Merak derives from the Arabic Al - Maraqq ( المراق ) meaning “the Loins”, referring to the stars location in “the big Bear”.

As the predecessor Dubhe, this whisky called Merak is soft and round with a youthful freshness. It has distinct but smooth smokiness, which in combination with liquorice and leather notes gives a rich mouth feel. Maturation involves American, French, and Spanish oak, the American contributes toffee and vanilla, the French provides liquorice and peppery notes, Spanish oak keep the others in balance giving herbs and dried fruit. In all only 25 casks was blended together to create this smooth Single Malt.

This whisky is bottled at the distillery on Hven at 45 vol%, without any carbon- or chill filtering, no colorants or additives. It is Organic certified and natural, as it should be. Each bottle is individually numbered and checked before being waxed by hand.

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