Appointed to the best whisky bar in Sweden 2016!

The Whisky bar Backafallsbyn Spirit of Hven is ranked as one of Swedens best Beer- and Whisky bars, and as one of the leading stars. Admittedly there are not to many brands in stock but there is a well balanced variation of 30-50 different Ales, Stouts, Lagers and Wheat beers etc. The bar Spirit was voted best bar, best beer & whisky bar in Sweden by the magazine Vin & Bar, and placed second in Svenska Whisky Förbundet's SWF competetion, Best bar in Sweden.

Looking at the selection of whiskies in the bar there are little or no hesitation to why the bar is ranked so high. At any given moment there are at least 500 different Single distillery whiskies brought up from the main warehouse that holds at least another 1000. The reason for not having all whiskies available all the time is that Backafallsbyn demands high quality and wants to move the stock. The longer a bottle is opened, the less good it gets, it looses in strength and in flavour. At Backafallsbyn a bottle is never opened to long before it is consumed.

The shelves at the bar have representation from most distilleries that are and have been active for the last half century. There are whiskies that have been distilled early 30’s to young three year old and “Fresh spirit” not yet able to call itself Whisky. Here are whiskies that have been maturing in classical Sherry butts to Rhum-, Sauternes-, Bordeaux-, Banyuls-, Tempranillo-, and Barolo casks etc. Here are whiskies from the classical regions like Scotland, Ireland and North America to more exotic places like New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Thailand and India. This is the place to go if you love Whisky!

The supply and variation is under constant change, if you want something special call us in advance.

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn AB, SE-26013 Sankt Ibb
Phone +46 (0)418 449999 Contact form

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